MechoEcho is Coming Soon!

It’s happening. The game is REALLY close to being released now. The levels are all done and tested. The music, story, effects, tools, gameplay, and all the other parts are integrated and working. I’m doing the final fixes and touch ups right now and then there will be the integration into Steam. It’s so close now and I’m feeling both excited and nervous.

If I were better at self-promotion I would have been sending out new images and posts every week, and telling you what I was doing every step of the way. But I’m not. I’m a privacy-loving perfectionist programmer who gets fascinated by the minutia of coding. So thanks for sticking around!

At the top of this post you can see a new video showing you the game in motion. During the development of the game, the art style has changed considerably, as I worked on making it both more elegant and more workable. This happened as I learned the tradeoffs and tricks of the trade of being an indie developer. The video should give you a much better idea of gameplay than you can get in the still images. Still, there’s a lot more to it, as you will see in the final product.

Stay tuned, more news and the game release itself is coming soon!

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