Special Thanks

Making a game as a one-man “team” is only possible through the generosity of the open source community, great friends and indie-friendly business services. Here’s the list of all the people we would like to thank: 🙂

MechoEcho Soundtrack

Third Party Tools and Libraries

  • CEGui user interface library
  • The Blender Foundation
  • Gimp
  • FMOD & Firelight Technologies
  • Audacity
  • FreeType
  • Lua
  • Xiph.Org Foundation

MechoEcho Release Trailer

  • Soundtrack: “Epic Action Trailer” by skywalkmusic.
  • This video uses sounds from freesound (www.freesound.org):
    • 25933__daveincamas__20061111bucket1-fx2.wav by daveincamas (http://freesound.org/people/daveincamas/).
    • 21409__greyseraphim__heart-beat.mp3 by greyseraphim (http://freesound.org/people/greyseraphim/).

Steam Greenlight Trailer

  • DP Kaufman – “Where the Storm Will Never Reach” courtesy of iLicenseMusic
  • GameTextures.com
  • CGTextures.com
  • CG Cookie, Inc & Eat Sheep
  • Mark Mitchell, Jean Brazeau, Homeros Gilani

Advice and inspiration

  • Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) – For showing us what a good presskit looks like.
  • Éric Chahi – For making Another World, those memories inspired us to make our own game.
  • Additional Thanks & Credits

    All the people we forgot to mention!