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Resilient Games Ltd.
Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.



Third person 3D Puzzle Action game

Physics based puzzle game
Robotics simulation game
Construction blocks
Art Deco

Windows PC

Release Date:
18 May 2016



Build and drive robots to solve puzzles as you transform between human and machine. Set in a cyberpunk world, MechoEcho is a block construction game, a 3D puzzle action game, and an accurate physics simulator all in one. In 30 challenging levels plus Sandbox, you create original machines, explore, and run for your life!


MechoEcho is a 3D puzzle game, physics simulator, and block construction game set in an ethereal world where all that stands between you and peril is your own ingenuity.

Use blocks, engines, and an array of tools to invent and build wildly creative machines. Pilot them to solve the 3D puzzles in each of the 30 levels and Sandbox.

You’ll transform from human to machine and back as you explore the shadowy cyberdeco setting with sheer drops, a pulsing soundtrack, and strange creatures out to destroy you.

The customized physics engine is highly accurate which makes driving fun and easy. Go from beginner to master as the carefully crafted difficulty curve takes you to the crazy hard final levels. The addictive, challenging puzzles will inspire you to dream up ever more creative machines.

The focus of the game is solving puzzles to explore the world and uncover the mystery of the player’s existence. At every step, a new challenge awaits and the player must invent new machines to continue the journey.


In this cyberpunk fable, you awaken in a mysterious computer simulation after having witnessed the end of the world. Neither human nor machine, you carry the scars of the last days of humanity, and the mistakes you struggle to unmake. The past and present stories of Echo and her creation unfold in pieces and memories that weave together a tale of lost hope, escape, and possibly redemption. In the end, the fate of humanity is up to you.


MechoEcho is the first production by Resilient Games, an independent studio located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


  • Build, Drive, and Solve the Puzzles

    You build machines to overcome any obstacle in your way, and pilot them to safety as you solve the 3D puzzles in each level.

  • Endlessly Creative

    There’s no one solution to any problem, you can construct machines within machines, catapults, walkers, climbing robots or anything you can imagine.

  • The Challenges Keep on Coming

    Sometimes, blocks may be in limited supply to further challenge your resourcefulness. Oh right, and creatures are trying to kill you.

  • Accurate Physics Engine

    Your machine will move the way you design it to move, as long as you can drive it.

  • Sandbox

    Unlimited blocks in a specially crafted Sandbox level. Challenge your engineering skills at building robots with no limits!

  • Stunning Visuals

    Looming spires of art deco buildings break the horizon while particle beings run on precipices and creatively conceived machines keep the action moving.


Latest Trailer (new graphics style), Youtube

Original Steam Greenlight Trailer (old graphics style), Youtube

Logo & Images

A zip file containing all the images is available here.

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About Resilient Games Ltd.

We arrived on this planet from Resiliga (what you colloquially call RG-1749) back in 1979, along with the birds. Everything was fine for a while and then the Derprons started planting stories about us in paparazzi magazines. We swear we never created breading, the dancing frog, or the Rickroll. Anyway, to set things straight we decided to create descriptive presentations about our world – historical documents, if you will. MechoEcho is the first. There are only a few of us and it takes a surprising amount of time to create this on your world, but we’ll explain the stuff about unlimited free energy, perpetual bliss, and world peace later on…you know, as long as MechoEcho is wildly successful. We’re just saying.

Okay actually, Resilient Games is a one-person independent games studio located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The person in the one-person studio is Sandro Furini who worked on titles in AAA franchises such as Killzone, SOCOM, Resident Evil, and most recently Sleeping Dogs, as a specialist in artificial intelligence and physics programming. He branched out on his own to develop MechoEcho, creating the game he wanted to play. At odd (and all) hours, surrounded by Ninja Turtles, he has done the programming, design, animation and most of the artwork. Caryn did a lot of the story and legal stuff, and puppy Pilot provided intense distraction.

Articles and reviews

  • “This is a game that deserves to be played […] MechoEcho takes a fantastic concept and executes on it flawlessly.” –
  • “It seems to have a lot of what makes toys like Capsela and Lego Mindstorms so wonderful in terms of engineering and creativity.” –
  • “Ethereal and atmospheric robot builder! […] Very very cool! VERY cool!” – Deluks Gaming
  • “BESIEGE MEETS TRON!!!” – Generikb

Completely Made Up Articles

  • “It’s like Another World meets Lemmings meets Deus Ex.” IndecisiveGamePlay
  • “Play MechoEcho and you’ll understand why independent gamers are the future of the gaming industry.” Gaming Platitudes Monthly
  • “This game might just save humanity!” HyperbolePlay

These quotes are available for attribution – go ahead and use them. Better yet, make up your own!

Video Monetization Permission

Subject to the attribution requirement listed below, Resilient Games Ltd. (“Resilient”) permits anyone to make videos (including, but not limited to: walkthroughs, tutorials, mod demonstrations, and reviews) using Resilient’s MechoEcho contents and to publish these videos through YouTube and / or other video distribution services. Monetization of these videos containing Resilient’s MechoEcho contents is permitted by Resilient. Notwithstanding this permission, Resilient retains full ownership and rights to MechoEcho and to any related content it produces. Resilient retains the right to terminate or change the terms of this permission at any time at its sole discretion, and may make specific exceptions to this permission for videos or content that it determines to be objectionable for any reason.

Attribution requirement: Within MechoEcho, the music was composed by Stellardrone and some of the sound effects are licensed from freesound, so if you are posting any videos as listed above you are required to include this statement “Music by Stellardrone and sound effects licensed from freesound as listed here:

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